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Operations Register

(Bill of Materials, Estimating)

The Operations Register includes labour, machine and tool processes and drawings used in manufacturing processes.

You can store setup timeThe time to set up a machine or production unit to perform an operation., time to completion, tooling costsCosts incurred through designing, manufacturing and purchasing production tools. Tooling costs vary, depending on whether tools can be used only once, or across jobs. and piece workThe cost per item (piece). Piece work provides wage labour where workers are paid per unit of production instead of by labour time. or subcontract operationsWork tasks that are subcontracted to external organisations or to other internal departments within the organisation. details.

Operations are used in Bill of Materials and Estimating modules. Details entered in the Operations Register act as defaults. You can change the details in individual BOMA stock assembly and process costing system, which provides facilities to specify the structure of finished items in terms of sub-assemblies and components.s or estimatesForecast project costs, based on expected costs of labour, machinery and operation times. In Manufacturing, estimates are produced for one-off items or non-repetitive batches..

Important! If you are using the full Manufacturing product, not all of the information in the operation can be used in the Estimating or Works Order Processing modules.

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