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Setting up Manufacturing

Before processing data, you must set up Manufacturing. The setup checklist below suggests a typical setup sequence. The setup sequence that you use depends upon your business and how you intend to use your Manufacturing software. You can adapt the checklist as not all of the listed topics will be applicable.

We recommend you:

  1. Identify those parts of the checklist that apply to you.
  2. Refer to the sections indicated under For more information.
  3. Read about how to set up those parts of the system.
  4. Understand what you can and want to achieve.
  5. Follow the suggested sequence.
  6. Set up your system accordingly.

Setup Checklist

What you need to do

For more information

Applies to you


Set up the default settings for supplier and customer details, stock control system, sales order processing and purchase order processing.

Set up supplier details


Set up customer details
Set up stock control
Set up sales order processing defaults
Set up purchase order processing defaults


Enter settings.

Cost headings

Analysis codes

Time units

Maintain non-working periods


Set up registers.

Certificates of Conformity

Labour Register

Machine Register

Tool Register

Operations Register

Drawing Register

Expense types

Labour categories


Non-chargeable time categories


Set up modules.

Entering settings for BOMs

Entering settings for estimates

Entering planning settings

Entering settings for works orders

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