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Cost headings

(Bill of Materials, Estimating, Works Orders)

To maintain cost headings

Open: Settings > Cost Headings.

  1. To add user defined cost headings, click Add and enter the Name of the cost heading.
  2. For each user defined cost heading, select the Type.
  3. For each cost Name, enter the following default information.
  4. Markup %

    Enter a markup percentage. This value is used when calculating a suggested selling price during costing operations.

    The suggested selling price has no effect on any other figures.

    Overhead Recovery %

    Enter the percentage to be recovered for the different expense types.

    Set to 0 (zero) to suppress overhead calculations for a cost type.

    Nominal Account

    Select the group default nominal account for posting all costs for the cost heading.

    Note: You must enter a Nominal Account for all cost heading Names, except for materials cost headings, even if you do not intend to use the cost heading.

    Overhead Nominal Account

    Select the group default nominal account for posting overhead costs for the cost heading.

    You can amend the Overhead Recovery %, Nominal Accountand Overhead Nominal Account default settings for individual resources on the resource record.

  5. To delete user defined cost headings, select the cost heading and click Delete.
  6. Note: You cannot delete the standard cost headings.

  7. Click Save.

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