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Tool Register

You can enter details of tool resources, including hourly rates, serial numbers, calibration intervalThe length of time between required calibration testing for a machine.s and repair history. They can be combined with machine and labour resources to form an operation.

Tool resources can be added to an operation in the Operations Register or an operation on a BOMA stock assembly and process costing system, which provides facilities to specify the structure of finished items in terms of sub-assemblies and components. in the Bill of Materials module.

Important! If you are using the full Manufacturing product, some information that you enter for the tool resource or tool resource group must be the same as the information you entered for the Cost Headings.

In order to be compatible for use with all Manufacturing modules, you must make sure:

Note: If you select Perform Compatibility Checks on the Environment tab in System Settings and you choose differently, you will receive a warning prompt when you save a tool resource or tool resource group.

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