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Operation times and costs

You can enter progress and times of operationsThe labour, machine and tool processes required to manufacture an item. against a works order. For those works orders created from an estimate (one-off works orders) you can compare actual times entered here, against your original estimated times.

For works orders not created from an estimate (batch works orders), the procedure for entering operation times varies slightly. It is assumed these entries will be made using one of the works order documents, e.g. the job cardA report that shows the original status of the job in production. It also shows the job stages, the most recent update, the current job time elapsed and expenses., route cardA report on the route of components and operations within production. or operation cardA report providing details about the operation status..

Warning! If you don't enter actual times against an operation, the system assumes that the operation took place with the planned timings on the operation and posts costs to the Nominal Ledger accordingly.

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