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Converting an estimate into a works order

To convert an estimate into a works order

Open: Estimating > Processing > Create Works Order.

  1. Select the Estimate No. that you want to create a works order for.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Enter a Customer Order No. for your converted estimate.
  4. Enter the works number you want to use.

    Note: If you chose Automatic Works Order Numbers in Works Order Settings Numbering tab, or Use Estimate Number as Works Order Number in Estimate Settings General tab, the works order number is shown.

  5. Select Create a customer record for this prospect if required. Enter an A/C reference.

    The customer record is created in the Sales Ledger.

  6. Select Use the customer's address as the site address if required.

    If you leave the check box blank, the customer site address on the estimate is used.

  7. To create a sales order for this estimate, select Create a Sales Order.
  8. To save the works order information, click OK.
  9. To raise works orders for sub-assemblies, click Yes when prompted.

    The Raise Works Orders for Sub-Assemblies window appears.

    We recommend using MRPMaterials Requirements Planning (MRP). MRP recommends purchase orders, transfers and work orders to balance supply and demand. to create works orders for sub assemblies as MRP takes into account other demands for common products.

    The estimate status changes to Production. In Works Orders the status of the newly formed works order(s) is Entered.

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