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Costing operations

Open: Manufacturing System Manager > Operations Register > Records >
- New Operation.
- Amend Operation.
- View Operation.

  1. To calculate the operation cost, click Cost.

    The cost is based on the operation resources. You must have added resources before you can calculate cost.

    The cost can also be based on subcontract information.

    Note: By default, the assumption is that one person performs Manufacturing operations. If you want costing to reflect that more than one person performs the operation, ensure that you select Use manning level in the BOM Settings Costing tab.

  2. Enter the Quantity required to cost the operation.
  3. Click OK.

    Costs are calculated using base currencyThe operating currency used by your company and the Nominal Ledger; other currencies are regarded as foreign.. If the subcontract suppliers use foreign currency, the values are converted to base currency for costing. However, you define the costs in the supplier's currency.

    The results are shown in the Operation Costing window.

  4. The results are ordered first By Cost Heading and then by phase. Click By Phase to view the results ordered first by phase and then by cost heading.
  5. When you have finished viewing the costing, click Close.

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