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The Estimating module

Use the Estimating module to produce estimatesForecast project costs, based on expected costs of labour, machinery and operation times. In Manufacturing, estimates are produced for one-off items or non-repetitive batches. for one-off items or non-repetitive batches in a manufacturing environment.

If you are manufacturing in repetitive batches, production is based around the BOM.

Note: If you are not using Sage 200 Manufacturing, you will not be able to use the Estimating module.

Information for the estimate is drawn from Stock Control, the labour registerHolds details of all labour manufacturing processes including times and related costs., machine registerHolds details of machines used in manufacturing processes, including hourly rates. and operations registerThis holds details of frequently used operations. Using the register enables fast creation of BOMs or estimates.. You can enter expected costs for each stage of the job, under each of the job cost types.

You can copy, print, recost, cancel and delete estimates.


Some of the information you can enter and use in the Bill of Materials module cannot be used in the Estimating, Planning and Works Orders modules. If you are using these Manufacturing modules, there are guidelines to follow for setting up resources and operations so that these can be used in all Manufacturing modules.

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