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Cancelling an estimate

You can cancel estimatesForecast project costs, based on expected costs of labour, machinery and operation times. In Manufacturing, estimates are produced for one-off items or non-repetitive batches. when the customer is not going to place an order.

You can use the Statistics report to analyse the ratio of completed estimates to cancelled estimates.

To cancel an estimate

Open: Estimating > Records > Cancel Estimate.

  1. Select the Reference for the estimates that you want to cancel.
  2. Click OK.
  3. If sales ordersDocuments that state the quantity, description and price of goods and services ordered. They also specify agreed payment terms and discounts, delivery details and other agreements pertinent to the sale and its supply. are linked to the estimate, confirm that you want to cancel the estimate. Cancelling an estimate with linked sales orders does not affect the sales orders.
  4. The estimate status changes to Cancelled.

    You can still view the estimate details and copy it but you cannot process it any further.

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