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Introducing version control

The Bill of Materials module has a version control option. This allows you to have multiple versions of a BOMA stock assembly and process costing system, which provides facilities to specify the structure of finished items in terms of sub-assemblies and components. for the same product. BOM details cannot be changed by more than one person at a time and only one version can be in active use at any one time. You can enable this option on the General tab in BOM settings.

In the Bill of Materials List, the Version number and Version Status of each BOM version is shown. There are also Effective From Date and Effective To Date columns which show when the BOM version is current.


Each time a BOM is created, it is given a Version number, e.g. 0.01. When a version is amended, the number is incremented. For example, when changes are made to version 0.01, version 0.02 is created. The BOM with the highest BOM Reference version number is the most recent version. You can set the version number increment to what you want in the BOM Settings General tab.

Version Status

This describes how the version is being used by the Bill of Materials module. Statuses can be:

Checked Out By

This column indicates if a BOM version is checked out to another user.

If it is, you cannot make amendments to it.

If the Checked Out By column does not contain an entry, the BOM version is available to you to amend.

Checking in BOM versions is done by:

  • Clicking Save and Clear or Close on a BOM record and selecting Check In.
  • Selecting a BOM that is checked out to you from the Change Status window, and selecting Check In.

Checking out BOM versions is done by:

  • Clicking Save and Clear or Close on a BOM record and selecting Keep Checked Out.

Placing BOMs on hold

In addition to version control, you can also put the BOM on hold. This prevents any changes to the BOM. BOMs can be placed on hold and released from hold using the Change Status window.

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