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Manage discounts and surcharges

Surcharges are added to the price, whereas discounts are subtracted.

You can offer discounts to different groups of customers if you set up customer discount groups. Discounts can be applied to product groups, to individual stock items, and also to the value of an order, once product and item discounts have been deducted.

An order is discounted if the customer operates in the same currency as the discount, or if the price band to which the customer belongs is in the same currency as the discount.

Note: Sales order items and free text items are not subject to price book discounts. However, they do attract the line discount specified on the customer's account.

Surcharges are established and maintained using the rules used for discounts but apply to item and product group discounts only. Surcharges override item, product or order value discounts.

Special price discounts take precedence over all other discounts and even over surcharges.

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