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Manage prices

Goods can be priced, using a set price, or markup, but not both.

A stock item can have several prices. This makes it possible to charge different customers, different prices for the same item.

All stock items (not using markup) have at least one price, referred to as the standard price. The standard price for all items is maintained in the standard price band. The standard price band is created when the system is installed. This price band uses your system's base currency and all stock item prices are set at zero. One of your first tasks is to set the standard price for each stock item.

You can charge different prices for an item to different customers, by adding prices bands and linking customers to those. For example, to charge trade customers a lower price.

Note: You cannot add price bands until you have set prices in the standard price band.

All customers use the prices specified in the standard price band unless they are linked to another price band.

You can enter prices in base currency or foreign currency. You can only link customers with the same currency to these prices. Foreign customer accounts can be linked to a price band using the system's base currency. The prices are converted automatically to the customer's currency during order entry.

Note: You can import standard prices for stock items from a spreadsheet created outside Sage 200, provided the stock item code exists in Sage 200.

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