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You can manage access to Sage 200 through user accounts.

Sage 200 user accounts are created from your Windows users in Windows Active Directory for On Premise deployments or from users set up in Sage ERP Online Services for Sage 200 Online. In Sage ERP Online Services, you can determine which Sage 200 Online users have administrative access and which do not. You can also change login names or delete user accounts in Sage ERP Online Services as required.

You will see System Name and User Name in your user list. You can change the User Name through the User Details tab within System Administration. The System Name is pulled through at logon from Windows or Sage ERP Online Services. If you have more than one user with the same name in your organisation, set up your users with unique names so that you can easily identify all users by their unique System Name.

If you want a user to access workspaces, web timesheets and expenses (WTE) and authorise purchase orders via a browser, using the Sage 200 Self Service application in the Sage 200 Web Client, select the Is Web User setting on the General tab of User Properties.

Managing users in System Administration

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