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Automatically process supplier payments

You can generate a list a suggested payments for unpaid invoices on your supplier accounts and process the payments.

This is a four step cyclical process:



Invoices are not included or payments made:

To automatically process supplier payments

  1. Set up your payment groups and supplier accounts:

    1. Choose how you want to pay each supplier, by assigning payment groups to supplier accounts on the Supplier Account | Payment tab.
    2. If required, set a maximum cheque value, on the Purchase Ledger Settings | Supplier Defaults tab.

      This restricts the amount that you can pay any one supplier. Once set, no payments are generated above the specified value.

  2. Generate a suggested payments file.

    This lists the invoices due for payment for each supplier.

    You can print a report from this file to identify the invoices suggested and the total amounts to be paid.

  3. Amend the payments, if required.

    This allows you choose which invoices and the amount to pay, for each supplier.

  4. Process and post the final supplier payments.

    Depending on each supplier's payment group, this:

    1. Prints a remittance advice and/or cheque for each supplier.
    2. Sends an electronic payment to the supplier's bank account.
    3. Posts the payments to the supplier's accounts and allocates the payments to the outstanding invoices (Update must be selected).
  5. Delete the suggested payments file.

    Once the payments are processed, you delete the suggested payments file before generating the suggested payments again.

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