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Allocate payments

To allocate a payment to the original transaction

Open: Purchase Ledger > Enter Transactions > Allocation.

  1. Select the supplier account you want to allocate payments for.
  2. Enter the Allocation Date. This defaults to the system date.

    The Allocation Date is used to age transactions on the retrospective aged creditors report.

  3. The displayed window is split into two sections. The top section of the window shows the Credits (payments) for the account and the bottom section of the window displays the Debits (invoices) for the account.

    Transactions are displayed in ascending order by transaction date. You can sort the entries by selecting a column and then change the view from ascending to descending order or vice versa.

    The following information is displayed for all transactions:

    Transaction Type, Transaction date, Reference, Second reference, (gross) Value, Outstanding (value), Discount (amount), Discount due (date), Allocated (amount), Query (flag), payment Status (Full for fully allocated and Part for part allocated).

  4. Follow the required procedure:

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