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Menu bar

The standard menu bar contains the following options:

Menu Option Description


Change Company

Change between companies.

The company name is displayed at the top of the Sage 200 window.

  Switch Configuration Change the Desktop Configuration to a different role.

Print Report

Print, view or delete spooled reports.


Choose Layouts

Apply alternative report layouts in place of standard reports.


Choose Output Mode

Select the output for the standard reports from the following.

Printer - to print a copy of the report directly to the default printer.

Preview - to display the report on-screen.

Spooler - to send the report to the spooler program so that it can be printed at a later date.


Recently Used

Open a recently used window.



Close Sage 200.



Choose the toolbars to display.

Status Bar

Switch the Status Bar display on or off.


Navigation Bar

Switch the Navigation Bar on or off.


Navigation Bar by Group

Switch the stack of modules on or off on the Navigation bar.


Show All Info Panes

Display the information windows for the current module.


Home Page

Display your Home Page.



Open the Favourites view on the Navigation bar.



Refresh the information on your Desktop.



Settings to choose the windows to display on your Home Page.

  Menu Design Mode Open the Menu Design Mode. Use this to create your own menu on the Navigation bar.
  Workspace Designer Open the Workspace Designer. Use this to customise and create workspaces.


Opened Forms

Bring an open window to the foreground.


Search for help on

Open the Sage 200 Help.


Sage on the Web

Go to the Sage website (www.sage.co.uk).


About Sage 200

Information about your Sage 200 version number and licence.

You can add and remove your own options on the menus, and rearrange the sequence of the options in the menus.

More menu bars may be provided with your installation. Please contact your Business Partner for more information on any menus bars that may have been supplied, in addition to the default menu bar with Sage 200.

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