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Customise the menu bar

  1. Right-click on the menu bar.

    Alternatively select the Add or Remove Buttons from the down arrow at the right hand side of the toolbar.

  2. Select Customize.

    The Customize window appears.

  3. Select the Commands tab.
  4. Click Rearrange Commands.

    The Rearrange Commands window appears.

  5. Select the menu that you want to edit from the menu bar drop-down list.
  6. To add an item to the menu, click Add. The Add Command window appears.
  7. Select a new command from the Commands list and click OK.

    The command appears in the list of commands displayed on the Rearrange Commands window.

  8. To make changes to an command, click Modify Selection.

    The Modify Selection sub-menu appears. Choose to make changes as follows:


    Reset the item to what it was before you made any changes.


    Delete the item.


    Rename the item.

    Copy Button Image

    Copy the button image so that you can use the same image for another item on the menu.

    Paste Button Image

    Paste a copied button image into this item.

    Reset Button Image

    Reset the button image to what it was before you changed it.

    Edit Button Image

    Create and amend the button image.

    Default Style

    Set these changes as the default style for the item display in the program.

    Text Only (Always)

    Only use text in the item displayed in the program.

    Text Only (in Menus)

    Only use text when the item is displayed on the menu bar

    Image and Text

    Use both image and text when the item is displayed in the program.

    Begin a Group

    Make the item a group to be used in a sub-menu display.

    Recently Used

    Add the item to the Recently Used list in the File menu.

  9. To save changes, click Close.

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