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Information management

Information management is about managing communications between third party data sources and workspaceAn area on your Sage 200 desktop which can contain several panels of information from Sage 200 modules.s in Sage 200.

The communication path is already in place for Sage 200 to talk to workspaces (both default workspaces and ones that you create). You can connect workspaces to third party data sources. In this case you need to add the data sources and connection strings using the Information Management options in System Administration.

Note: If you are using Sage 200 Online, you can connect to a third party data source if the data source is available via the Internet and your firewall permits Sage 200 Online to see the datasource.

Define the communication path between workspaces and third party data sources

To connect workspaces with third party data sources, you must define the communication path.

Workspaces will only work if the communication path between the Workspace Designer and the company is defined. This is done by means of a modelModels are data schemas that describe how the information held in a particular database can be accessed and displayed within Sage 200. Each model is contained in its own dynamic link library (dll). and a data sourceThe origin of the information being included in the Sage 200 suite. This includes the location of the information on the server..

Models for Sage 200 Accounts, Sage 200 CRM and Sage 200 Manufacturing are set up by default.

A data source is set up by default for Accounts and CRM. The Manufacturing models use the Accounts data source.

If you want to use additional models and data sources, you must:

Note: You can design your own workspaces to talk to Sage 200 or to third party data sources if you are a user who Can Edit Workspaces. This lets you use the Workspace Designer to design workspaces.

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