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Models are data schemas that describe how the information held in a particular data source can be accessed and displayed within the installation. Each model is contained in its own dynamic link library (DLL) file.

Usually there is a model for each Sage 200 data sourceThe origin of the information being included in the Sage 200 suite. This includes the location of the information on the server..

By default, there is a model for:

Note: You will also see transient data models. These determine the types of information (held in memory and not in the database) which can be passed to the report engine for printing. For example, in trial kitting, the results are not held in the database. They are held in memory. The transient data model allows you to print the results.

You can add models for third-party development additions to Sage 200.

Models are installed on the Sage 200 clientThe client is the computer running the Sage 200 Client software. The client accesses information over the network from the Sage 200 Server computer..

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