> Using the Sage 200 desktop / Work area / Toolbar


The standard toolbar contains the following options:

Option Description


Open the Menu view on the Navigation bar.


Show the Favourites pane.

Print Report

Open the spoolerAn area in Sage 200 where you can save all your reports in a list, rather than sending them directly to the printer. The reports stay in the Spool list, until you choose to delete them. You can print them as often as you require..
Refresh Refresh the information on your Desktop.

Change Company

Open a different company.

Home Page

Display your Home Page.
Dashboards Select the information to display in the work area.



If the window is too narrow to display all the icons on the toolbar, you can access the hidden icons by clicking on the arrow on the right-hand edge of the toolbar.

To access other toolbar options, right-click the toolbar to display a menu.

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