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Getting started with online payments

Online payments are payments that customers make by card, using an online payment service provider, such as Sage Pay. To process card payments through Sage 200, you must configure both Sage 200 Accounts and Sage 200 System Administration and set up the IP address for your online payment service provider.

Note: Foreign currency payments can only be processed via the Sales Ledger.

To get started with online payments

To process online receipts in Sage 200

In the Sales Ledger you can:

In the Sales Order Processing module, you can:

Resolve orphaned card transactions

An orphaned card transaction is a transaction that is incomplete due to a loss of connection between Sage 200 Accounts and the online payment provider's website.

If your system crashes while a receipt is returning from your online payment service provider, then an orphaned card transaction will be created in Sage 200 Accounts. In this case you will need to complete orphaned card transactions.

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