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Costing BOMs

To cost BOMs

Open: Bill of Materials > Processing > Cost.

Note: You can also cost BOMs from the Trial Kitting and Maximum Build enquiries.

  1. Set up the list of BOMs that you want to cost.
  2. You can:

  3. Enter the values for each stock item.

    1. If version control is in use and more than one version exists, select the Version.
    2. You can cost new, active and obsolete versions. You might want to cost an obsolete version if you are thinking of using it for a special one-off manufacture for a customer.

    3. The default costing quantity on the BOM record is displayed in the Cost Quantity column.
      • To cost using the costing quantity on the BOM record, leave the quantities as displayed.
      • To cost each BOM using a different quantity from that on the BOM record, select each line and change the quantity required.
      • To cost all BOMs using one quantity, select Cost all using quantity of and enter the quantity alongside.
  4. Click View Breakdown to display a breakdown of the costs.

    Note: The unit cost of a manufactured item depends on the batch size. This is because setup and subcontract operationsWork tasks that are subcontracted to external organisations or to other internal departments within the organisation. costs are shared by all units in the batch.

  5. Enter a Comment, if required, to associate with all of the costing records generated during the costing.
  6. The comment will be displayed in the Bills of Material Workspace and on the cost history in the BOM record.

  7. Click Cost to cost the BOMs.

    Costs are calculated using base currencyThe operating currency used by your company and the Nominal Ledger; other currencies are regarded as foreign.. If subcontract suppliers use foreign currency, the values are converted to base currency for costing. However, you define the costs in the supplier's currency.

  8. If Prompt for Subcontract Supplier is selected on the BOM Settings Costing tab and there is an active subcontract operation where more than one supplier can be used, you are prompted to choose the subcontract supplier in the Choose Subcontract Supplier window.

    The Calculated Unit Cost and Suggested Selling Price are shown.

    Note: The quantities will include the scrap percentage if you have selected to calculate scrap in Costing on the BOM Settings Scrap tab.

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