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Drawings (BOM record)

You can cross-reference a BOMA stock assembly and process costing system, which provides facilities to specify the structure of finished items in terms of sub-assemblies and components. with different drawings.

To work with drawings

Open: Bill of Materials > Records > New Bill of Materials | Drawings.

  1. Enter the following information, if required, for each drawing line.
  2. Reference

    Enter a unique reference number for the drawing.

    If you are using the Drawing Register, select the drawing from the Drawing No. column drop-down list. Description, Effective From and Effective To are displayed automatically.


    Enter the drawing description.

    Effective From

    Effective To

    Enter an effective from and effective to date for your drawing, if applicable.

  3. To view the drawing details, select the drawing and click View.
  4. Note: You can amend the drawing in the Drawing Register.

  5. To continue entering BOM information, click the Costing tab.
  6. To save your BOM details, click Save.
  7. Note: If you are using all Manufacturing modules, you have selected Perform Compatibility Checks in Manufacturing System Manager system settings Environment tab and you have compatibility issues, the Compatibility Warnings prompt appears.

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