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About workspaces and enquiries

Each module in Sage 200 has its own set of workspaces and enquiry screens. The workspaces and enquiry screens are designed to enable you to investigate data related to each module.

Enquiry screens are static and cannot be amended.

Workspaces are dynamic and can be amended so that you can customise the data that is displayed to suit your business processes or current task. Workspaces can be accessed from the desktop application or from a web browser via the Self Service website.

Each module has a default workspace. You can choose the default worksapce for each module from Tools > Options | Home Page.

You can use workspaces to:

The workspaces provided with Sage 200 have been designed to demonstrate the information that can be shown on a workspace for each module, rather than for particular task or process, as this can vary greatly from business to business.

The workspaces can easily be customised to suit your requirements or current task. This can be done on several levels:


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