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How to use workspaces

The workspaces in Sage 200 provide an overview of the primary information stored in Sage 200 for each module. Use workspaces to find and analyse important information and perform related tasks (Actions).

Each workspace usually has a master list which is connected to other panels containing details or linked information about a selected item in the master list. When a item is highlighted in yellow, information about this item is displayed on other panels. This can be further details about the selected item, information about linked items in another list such transactions for a customer account, or information displayed as a chart.

Workspace components

Data is displayed on a workspace in sections or panels. This data can be displayed in the following ways:

Using workspaces

Customising your workspace

You can change how the data is displayed on a workspace and these changes are saved per user when you leave the workspace.

Use the Workspace Designer to make changes to workspaces that affect all users and to create new workspaces.

From each workspace, you can:

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