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Manage invoice and credit note layouts

This creates a list of the invoice or credit note layouts that you want to use. You can use different invoice layouts for different customers, or set up an invoice layout to use for printed invoices and a different one when sending invoices via email.

Once you have set up your list of layouts, you can select which layouts you require for individual customer accounts. These layouts are automatically used when printing invoices for those customers. Alternatively, you can override this and choose the layout that you want to use when you print your invoices.

Note: You can only choose SOP Invoice or SOP Credit Note layouts.

To add an invoice or credit note layout

Open: Sales Order Processing > SOP Maintenance > Maintain Invoice Layouts or Maintain Credit Note Layouts.

  1. Click Add.

    The Open window appears.

  2. Select the layout you require.
    1. Default layouts are stored in the Default > Layouts folder.
    2. Layouts that have been amended or customised are stored in the Custom > Layouts folder.
  3. Click Open. The invoice layout appears on the Maintain Invoice Layouts list. If required, change the Description of the invoice layout.

Note: The layout will be available in the stationery layouts, accessed using File > Choose Layouts.

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