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Archive sales and purchase orders and returns

This option is only available for On Premise deployments.

To help you to manage your orders and returns data, you can move completed or cancelled orders and returns to an archive file.

You can only archive orders and returns with a Completed or Cancelled status. This means that Live orders and returns are not archived accidentally.

Note: If you are intending to generate Intrastat entries, do not archive the sales and purchase orders until you have generated the Intrastat within Accounting System Manager.

Orders and returns are archived by the date of the order or return and not the date of associated documents. When you archive an order or return, all associated documents such as invoices and credit notes are also archived, even if the date of the associated documents is after the archived date.

To archive orders/returns

Open: Sales Order Processing > SOP Utilities > File Maintenance > Archive SOP Orders and Returns.

Open: Purchase Order Processing > POP Utilities > File Maintenance > Archive POP Orders and Returns.

  1. Specify the date range of the orders or returns to be moved to archive in the date up to box.
  2. For sales order only: To keep sales orders that do not have a realsied profit, select Retain orders with unrealised profit.
  3. Note: Make sure that you have finished with all associated documentation before you archive the order or return. All associated documents are also archived, even if they are dated after this date.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click Yes at the prompt to proceed with the archive.
  6. A message is displayed when the archive is complete.

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