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Enter or amend application details in System Administration

To integrate successfully with Office365, System Administration must store the application details which are needed to request and share authorisation access between the client and SharePoint.

To enter or amend application details

Open: Sage 200 System Administration > Office365 Integration.

  1. To add application details, right click and select Add Office365 Integration Settings.
  2. Note: If you want to update application details, select the SharePoint URL displayed, right click and select Update Settings.

  3. Enter the SharePoint Address.
  4. This is the secure link (using SSL - https) that you registered. For example:


  5. Enter the Application ID. This was generated as the Client ID when you registered the application on SharePoint.
  6. Enter the Application Secret. This was generated as the Client Secret when you registered the application on SharePoint.
  7. Click Create if you are adding application details or Update if you are updating application details.
  8. Click OK.

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