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Email settings

This displays your email server information and email details.

Enter email settings if you want to:

To enter email settings

Open: System Administration > Messaging > E-Mail Settings.

    The email settings are displayed.

  1. Enter your email Server Information details.
  2. Note: If you are using Sage 200 Online, you must use an email server that is accessible via the Internet.

    E-Mail Server Enter your email server address.

    Server Port Number

    Select the port number for your email server.

    By default, this is 25.

    Server requires secure connection (SSL) Select this if your email server uses a secure connection.

    User Login


    Confirm Password

    Enter the login and password details for your email server.

  3. Enter the E-Mail Details.


    This is the email address displayed as the From address for email messages sent using this service.

    Note: This email address will only appear in From field if your email server allows this.

    Reply To This is the email address used as the Reply address for email messages sent using this service.
  4. To test the email server settings entered, enter an email address in the Send E-Mail To box, then click Send.

    A test email message is sent to the address specified.

  5. To save your e-mail settings, click OK.

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