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Confirm goods received

To confirm goods received

Confirming goods as received can be carried out by several people at the same time, provided they are not recording goods received for the same supplier.

Open: Purchase Order Processing > Order Processing > Goods Received/Despatched > Confirm Goods Received.

  1. Select a supplier account from the list.
  2. Any outstanding orders for the account are displayed.

    Additional lines are shown for Service/Labour stock item and Free Text lines if:

  3. Enter the supplier's delivery reference.
  4. Accept or amend the displayed goods received date.
  5. Enter a narrative (optional).
  6. Select whether to show the internal stock code or the supplier stock code for the items on order.
  7. If you want to identify any direct delivery goods that may have been delivered to the Warehouse in error, select the Display order lines marked for direct delivery check box. The additional order lines intended for direct delivery cannot be amended here.
  8. By default a label will be generated for the listed goods. Clear the Print labels check box to prevent the labels from being printed.
  9. If you want to record an invoice during the receipt of goods, select the Record Invoice check box.
  10. Find an order in the list using the Find button to search for an order. Use View Order to display the purchase order details.
  11. If you are using multiple locations, click the Warehouse column for an order and select the required warehouse and bin location to receive goods into.
  12. You can create a new bin if required by clicking New Bin.

  13. Select the items you want to receive.

    The quantity received values are blank automatically. You can fully receive goods automatically or you can fully or part receive goods manually.

    Note: If an item has not been authorised and you have not chosen to allow processing of unauthorised purchase orders on the Order Processing tab of the POP settings, the order line will be displayed but you will not be able to select it.

  14. The icons to the left of the Order No indicate whether the items can be received automatically or not, and also, whether they have already been received. Items highlighted in yellow are traceable items.

  15. To save and allocate automatically, click Save and Allocate. To save and allocate manually, click Save.
  16. If items are set to record batch or serial numbers during goods in, and you are receiving a quantity of batch or serial numbered items, assign the batch or serial numbers.

  17. If there are sales orders linked to the item and the quantity received is less than that expected another window is displayed for you to allocate the received quantity to the sales orders.
  18. The Qty Outstanding column represents the amount of goods the customer is still expecting. It does not take into account goods on order or goods stored in the warehouse.

    1. Select a linked sales order from those displayed and enter the quantity (expressed in the buying unit of the item) you want to allocate to the order in the New Allocation column. The From Receipt value is updated for you.
    2. Continue to select linked sales orders and allocate the quantity received.
    3. Click OK. The Linked Sales Order Allocation window closes and you return to the confirm goods received window.

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