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Planning workspaces and enquiries

Use the planning enquiries and workspaces to investigate and find information in the Manufacturing planning modules. The enquiries can be displayed as screens or in a workspace format.

You can amend workspaces to display data to suit your business processes or current task. You can use the filter options and column selector to choose the data that is displayed.

You can use the Workspace Designer to change the content or to create your own workspaces. You can add or remove content and change the available actions, the reports, the columns and how they are displayed, the default filters used for the toolbar filter and so on.

In the desktop application, workspaces can be opened from the menu or from the drop-down list.

In the web browser, workspaces are opened from the drop-down list.

To open from the drop-down list, click the arrow next to the workspace title to open another workspace .

The following enquiries and workspaces are available in the Planning modules.




Make to Stock

Sales Forecasts

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