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Customer and supplier roles

When you set up customer and supplier accounts, you can specify multiple contact details for each account. You can also specify a role for each contact. If required, these roles can then be used to determine which contact is used when sending documents and letters to customers and suppliers.

Contact roles must be defined in Accounting System Manager before you create or edit the customer and supplier records.

Three mandatory roles are supplied with Sage 200: Account, SendRemittanceTo and a SendStatementTo role. Each customer account must have a contact with the Account and Send Statement To role assigned. Each supplier account must a contact with the Account and SendRemittanceTo role assigned.

If you have chosen create additional roles and you want to send documents to the contacts associated with these roles, each account must have a least one contact assigned to this role . You must also chosen which documents you want to associate with each role in the Customer and Supplier Documents window.

When you create new customer or supplier accounts, a default contact with these roles is automatically created.

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