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Traceability enquiry (Manufacturing only)

This enquiry lets you view traceable items in the system. It is only available when you are using Manufacturing.


If you used allocate or build in the Bill of Materials module, you will not be able to see information for sub-assemblies.

If you used the Works Order Processing module to build, then you will be able to see information for sub-assemblies.

To trace items

Open: Stock Control > Enquiries > Traceability Enquiry.

  1. Select the Information Type. None is selected by default.
  2. Select the specific information type you are looking for from the drop-down list.

  3. Enter the Value.
  4. You can enter the exact value, or use a wildcard: %, *, _ or ?.

  5. Enter the date From which to search.
  6. Enter the date to search To.
  7. Select the Exact Match check box to find an exact match to your entry in Value.

    Note: Do not select Exact Match if you are using wildcards in the Value.

  8. Click Find.

    Items of the Information Type which match the Value are displayed in a list.

  9. To view information for a particular item, select that item in the list.

    You can see more details by clicking the plus sign next to the item or click Expand All to see more details for all items in the list.

    Details are displayed below the list. These details may contain links to further enquiry windows.

  10. To print items in the list, click Print.
  11. To print an item and its descendents (visible by clicking the plus sign next to the item), select the item in the list, right-click and select Print.

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