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Enter a purchase return

This is used to record the return of stock items to a supplier that you do not want replaced. To return goods to a supplier that you want replaced or repaired, record the return using the Stock Control module.

Even if the supplier's account is on hold you can still prepare the return.

To record a purchase return

  1. Enter the supplier details, including the terms and conditions of the original purchase order.

    If you are using multiple locations to store your goods, you must select the warehouse where the goods are stored and are to be despatched from.

    Note: No match between the purchase return and the original purchase order is made.

  2. Add the goods to be returned to the purchase return with any charges you want to recover.

    The goods are added to the return using item types stock, miscellaneous and service/labour. You can also add free text items, where there is no stock item record for the goods.

    Note: Item types service/labour and free text items are not subject to goods despatch (confirm goods despatched).

    You can apply additional charges to cover costs such as insurance or delivery.

    You can also apply comment lines to add information to the return for internal use.

  3. Add the Return and Credit details:

  4. Confirming and save the return.

    The return number is assigned to it if you have chosen to assign numbers automatically on the Document Numbering tab of the POP settings. If not, you will must enter the return number manually.

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