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Confirm returned goods as despatched

To record goods as despatched

Confirming goods as returned can be carried out by several people at the same time provided they are not recording goods for return to the same supplier.

Open: Purchase Order Processing > Order Processing > Goods Received/Despatched > Confirm Goods Despatched.

  1. Select the supplier of the goods using the lists.
  2. Enter the supplier's reference.
  3. Accept or amend the displayed date.
  4. Enter a narrative (optional).
  5. Multiple location users only: to display outstanding items at a specific location, select the warehouse using the Warehouse list.
  6. Select the item from those displayed.

    Note: Use Find to search for an item in the displayed list and use View Return to display full details of the purchase return.

  7. Enter the quantity returned (expressed in the buying unit for the item) into the Qty Despatched column.

    Note: The quantity will be modified if it is not an allowed amount (according to the unit's precision setting).

  8. Multiple location users only: to despatch the item from a different location to that displayed for the item click the Warehouse column and select the required warehouse and bin location.
  9. Batch/serial numbered item: select the batch/serial numbers to be returned from those displayed for the item and then click OK. Click Amend Batch/Serial to display the batch/serial numbered items which can then be amended.
  10. Tip:

    When dealing with batch/serial numbered items you can also use:

  11. Continue to select and confirm goods for despatch from the displayed list.
  12. Click Save.

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