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Customising workspaces using the Workspace Designer

Use the Workspace Designer section of your Sage 200 desktop to create your own workspaces or amend existing ones. Use the Workspace Designer to customise workspaces and content parts for all users.

Open: Tools > Workspace Designer. The workspace designer opens in a new window.

You can:

Each workspace consists of the following elements:

Create a new workspace

Edit existing workspaces

Edit content parts

If required, you can edit the content parts that are used in the workspaces. Once edited, the changes will affect all workspaces that use that content part. If you want to make changes for a specific workspace, use the Save As option to save the content part with a new name.

Note: Some changes can only be made to List type content parts.

Open the workspace containing the content part and select Edit Content Part. You must save the workspace to apply any changes. A is displayed to indicate when changes have not been applied.

Note: When you make a change to a content part, all user settings for that content part are re-set.

You can:

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