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Guidelines for designing custom workspaces

Before you start

It is important to make sure that you consider who the end users of the workspace will be and what they will be using the workspace for.

Choose a layout

Choose the appropriate layout for the amount of data that you want to display. It is easier to use a workspace that is not too cluttered. Consider linking to another workspace where large amounts of different information are required.

Add content

As a general rule, the main panel on a workspace should contain the main information that workspace is designed for, such as a list of accounts or a list of transactions.

Configure the content part

You can change how the data is displayed on your content parts.

Changes can be made on two levels:

If you want to edit one of the existing content parts, we recommend that you save the content part with a new name and add it to the relevant workspaces. This makes sure that you can always revert back to the default content parts if required.

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