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Set up debtor letters to send via email

Set up your debtor letters in Report Designer

Open: Report Designer > Report Designer.

  1. Select a Debtor letter layout: File Explorer > Letters.

  2. From the Properties pane, select Email options and click .
  3. Enter your email options:

    1. From the Email message should contain drop-down list, choose the group that matches the header section of the debtor letter.

      For the Sales Ledger Debtor Letters, select the group that contains the CustomerAccountNumber.

    2. To send your debtor letters to the contact for each customer, click To...., and add the SL Customer Accounts > ContactEmailAddress expression.

    3. If required, click CC... to enter the recipients for a copy of the email.

      These can be entered as text or as an expression.

    4. Enter a Subject for the email:

      This can be entered as text or you can use an expression to include information such as your company name.

    5. Choose whether to send the letter as plain text or as an attachment and enter the required message text.

    6. Choose whether to send the debtor letters via email straight away or to your outbox for checking before sending to email recipients.
    7. Choose your email account provider.

      Microsoft Outlook Select this if you are using Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010.

      Select this if you send email using an SMTP provider such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo Mail.


      MAPI Select this if your email application uses a MAPI (Outlook / Exchange) mail server.

      Note: You can set up a default email provider for all reports in Report Designer > Tools > Options | Email Setup.

  4. To save the new letter, select File > Save As.

    When you change a default layout, letter or report, you must save the new layout, letter or report in the custom or company folder.

Set up your customer accounts and letter layouts

  1. Select the new letter layout for the required aging period.

  2. Select the customer account role that you want to send your letters to.

  3. Set the preferred contact for this role in each customer account.

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