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Designing your own reports and documents

You can use Report Designer to amend the standard Sage 200 reports and documents ( layouts, letters and labels) provided with Sage 200 or create new ones.

Open: Report Designer > Report Designer.

Note: To access Report Designer, your user account must be a member of a role with access to Report Designer features. This is set in Sage 200 System Administration.

You can:

Saving reports and documents edited in Report Designer

Reports and documents are stored in three levels:

When a report is run or document is printed, the company specific versions are checked first, then the custom versions and finally the default versions. The first version of the report of document located is used.

To make sure the new or edited report or document is run when the reporting or printing option is selected in Sage 200, you must save any customised reports or documents to the custom or company folder, using the same folder structure and the same name as the default version.

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