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Short Term Cash Projection

The Short Term Cash Projection enquiry helps you to forecast the amount of cash you will have in your bank accounts on a particular day after your outstanding transactions have been paid.

You specify a date range and the forecast bank balance for the end of that period is displayed in the Summary section. A list of the outstanding transactions within the specified date range is displayed in the Transactions section.

To create accurate forecasts, you can choose which bank accounts and transactions are included in the forecast totals. You can also add transactions that you are expecting but which have not yet been entered into Sage 200.

To use the short term cash projection

Open: Cash Book> Cash Book Enquiries > Short Term Cash Projection.

  1. Choose the required Date Range from the drop-down list.

    You can use the pre-defined date ranges or select Custom to define your own date range.

  2. Click Refresh. This updates the displayed transactions and Summary totals.

    The forecast totals are displayed in the Summary section and all outstanding transactions within this date range are displayed in the Transactions section. Overdue direct debits and standing orders are highlighted in yellow.

  3. To choose the bank accounts that you want to include in your forecast, select the Include check box next to the bank account(s) in the Accounts section.

    The displayed Balance for each bank account is the total of all transactions that have been processed for that bank account.

  4. Choose the transactions that you want to include in your forecast. All transactions are included by default, apart from those transactions that have a Query flag.

    You can filter the list of transactions using the Type drop-down list.

    1. If you are not expecting to process a payment or receipt within the time period specified, you can clear the Include check box to remove that transaction's value from the projected total.
    2. If you are expecting to receive a payment or receipt that has not yet been entered into Sage 200, you can include this value in your forecast by entering a temporary manual transaction.

      To enter a manual transaction:

      1. Click Add or click in the grid to add a new line.
      2. Enter the details of the expected transaction.
      3. Select or clear the Include checkbox as required.

      4. To remove a manual transaction click Delete.
    3. To remove all manual changes, such as manual transactions and changes to forecast dates, click Reset Manual Changes.

    All changes made to the cash projection screen are saved when they are entered. Therefore, when you change the Date Range and Refresh the list, the transactions that are displayed will retain their previous status. For example, if you have cleared the Include check box, the checkbox will remain cleared after the list is refreshed.

    Note: The Balance for Day is not shown when you have filtered the transactions that are displayed in the list. The Balance for Day is the total of all selected transactions for a single day. If you have entered manual transactions, you must refresh the list to update the Balance for Day.

  5. The Summary section displays the forecast totals for the selected bank accounts.

You can print the Cash Projection report or export the Cash Projection to an Excel spreadsheet.

Note: If Excel is not installed on your PC, then you cannot use the Send to Excel button.



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