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Stock Transfer

Accounts Plus and Accounts Professional only

If you have a bill of materials on your product record, you can use this option to transfer the components into the main product record. This increases the quantity in stock on the main product record and decreases the quantity in stock on the components.

When you use Stock Transfers, Sage 50 Accounts automatically calculates the cost price of each product assembly by adding together the cost price for each of the components.

For more information about how to set up and use bill of materials, please refer to Ask Sage article 18555

To transfer the stock

  1. Products > Stock Transfer.
  2. Complete the Stock Transfer window as follows:

    Product Code

    From the drop-down list choose the main product you want to transfer the components into.


    Shows the details from the product record.


    Enter the date you want the stock to be transferred on.


    The required reference for the transaction.


    The quantity of stock you want for the main component.

    In stock

    Shows the current quantity in stock.

    On order

    Shows the quantity of stock which is on order on your purchase orders.


    Shows the quantity of stock which is allocated on your sales orders and projects.

  3. Click Save > click Close.

    If you don't have enough stock to make up the required quantity you can use the Check Bill Of Materials option to check what quantity of the components is required and then raise a purchase order. Find out more

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