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Printing remittance advice notes

When you pay your suppliers, to help avoid mistakes and ensure your records match those of your suppliers, it's important to let them know which invoices you're paying.You can do this easily with Sage Accounts. When you post your supplier payments Sage Accounts automatically creates a remittance advice note detailing the invoices paid. You can then send this to your supplier, by post, or straight away by email.

To print a remittance advice note

  1. Modules > Bank > Remittance.

  2. If required, to see remittances within a certain date range >  select the Date Range check box > in From and To, enter the date range.
  3. If required, to include remittances that you have already printed > select the Show printed items check box.

    Note: If you are certain that you do not want to reprint remittances, to permanently remove all printed remittances from the list, click Purge.

  4. Select the remittances that you want to print > Print.
  5. Select the remittance layout you want to use > Output > select Printer > Run.

Your selected remittances are printed.

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